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Tailor That Property was founded by couple, Vishal and Navika Tailor, both university graduates and working professionals, they decided to pursue their passion instead, PROPERTY! Having realized an opportunity for contemporary and luxury serviced accommodations in the Milton Keynes and Northampton areas, they made it their mission to provide just that to professionals and travelers visiting the area. Tailor That Property aims to guarantee a home-like, deluxe and most importantly comfortable and hassle-free stay for their guests. 


Vishal Tailor

Co-founder and Director 

Vishal spent many years working as a business manager in the retail industry but found himself looking for something ‘more’. Vish always kept an eye on the property market and found it was the right time to leap into the serviced accommodation business. He has now gained a wealth of knowledge of what guests really want and is continuously looking to improve his clients' experience. 


Navika Tailor

Co-founder and Director 

Navika worked as a Product Manager whilst working weekends for her mum’s catering and baking business. Navika developed a keen eye for business and always wanted to get into the hospitality industry. She always knew that she would start her own business in property management and as she gained experience in this area, she knew she could ace the ‘service’ part of a serviced accommodation. She now strives to give her guests value for money and the most comfortable stays possible.

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